Is the New OSCARS Category Outstanding Popular Film a STUPID Idea? – The CineFiles Ep. 84


100 comments on “Is the New OSCARS Category Outstanding Popular Film a STUPID Idea? – The CineFiles Ep. 84

  1. 1992disney on

    That's it! The Academy needs a major restructuring with better policies, smarter voters, and stricter quality control! It's so corrupt and ignorant that they probably need to go back to film school!

  2. Mac TonyMicMac on

    Remember all the way back in the day they gave out "Special Juvenile" Academy Awards for Child Actors, won by (or technically pretty much just GIVEN to) Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Hayley Mills and many more for "Achievement" that specific year! Ended at the 1960 ceremony with Pollyanna, and started giving children Real Adult Nominations and Awards after that, first was the late great amazing Patty Duke (Miracle Worker)! And it was just now in 2001 that they started the Best ANIMATED Feature Category won by Monsters Inc., so that Animated Films could finally get there fair shot at some glory! Except 1991's Beauty and The Beast which was the ONLY Cartoon Film to get an actual real Best Picture Nom, no competition with Silence of the Lambs though! AKA/Translation= They've switch up nominated categories SEVERAL times before in the past, why is everyone acting so stupid and dumb af over absolutely nothing relevant whatsoever, DUH! Oh gosh golly gee try to Enlighten, Elevate, Educate and Intellectualize yourselves a little bit more please, no wonder MuriKKKa is so retarded, comment section purely 100% ratified that to the ultimate degree Hahaha LMMFAO!

  3. Jonathan Velazquez on

    Now I worry this category will be the only place good and, at the same time, popular movies might be recognized. I fear they'll be ignored in more important categories like Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Acting. 😕

  4. Hammerhead547 on

    A popular movie can win an oscar if its actually good (see The Godfather Forest Gump and Star Wars for examples of this), the problem is that the academy knows that they can't nominate something like Black Panther for say best picture because it wasn't good enough to qualify for such an award so they're creating what amount to a participation award for mainstream movies that were popular but weren't that good in order to satisfy "the plebs" and placate all the people who constantly whine that there isn't enough "representation" in film.

  5. Mark Ukrainetz on

    New Oscar category : Best most popular film? WTF! That's what the People's Choice Awards are for. This totally degrades the Academy Awards.
    I can only imagine the value of the Award will become useless.
    In 2020: and the Oscar for most explosions goes to….
    sorry..I will NOT be watching. #BoycotOscar2019

  6. Logan on

    the oscars are so liberal they know that infinity war should win most popular film but they will probably give it to black panther for being “groundbreaking” lmao that movie was mediocre at best its not even top 5 in the mcu imo

  7. Leeboy89 on

    They need to recognize the foreign films more in the other categories as far as I'm concerned they are more original than the Hollywood films that are being churned out. Stand up for independent features, acknowledge women aswell far too many men are given recognition. This is the Oscars though and it's not about art it's about popularity.

  8. Devin Y on

    If I wanted the Oscar's to be dumbed down I'd watch the MTV awards. It's a stupid award that'll only go to marvel superhero movies every year. Theres a reason it was disney that pushed for these changes.

  9. Douglas Hryniuk on

    Here's a better way of improving the Oscars: get rid of all the monotonous elements like the unfunny musical numbers, the political commentary and the overlong sketches. Essentially anything that has nothing to do with movies or presenting awards. Make the show a little more concise.

  10. HisokaTheMasochist on

    Excuse to fuck over the actual best films of the year, no reason no marvel movie wins best picture. Infinity war is literally the best selling movie of all time breaking all records and the only award it can possibly win is "be popular" lmao wow

  11. Meteor Man on

    People it's just a damn award show. Man everybody acts like shit can't change. There's nothing wrong with adding an extra category. They obviously need to do something considering viewers aren't tuning in that much anymore. This is a new generation you have to appeal to the new era, eventually you have to evolve.


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