Is BOND 25 in Trouble? Danny Boyle LEAVES Movie – The CineFiles Ep. 86


56 comments on “Is BOND 25 in Trouble? Danny Boyle LEAVES Movie – The CineFiles Ep. 86

  1. Vance Wallace on

    Thank God they aren't wearing kilts lol….. I still don't understand how Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace got away with that many historical inaccuracies. It was beyond terrible and bordering on disrespectful… Easily one of –if not THE– most overrated film of all time and not just for its appalling amount of historical inaccuracies. Its filled with subpar acting (like Mel Gibson's ridiculous Scottish accent, if you can even call it that lol) and the screenplay is essentially a carbon copy of The Patriot. I will never understand how it got that many Oscars but it's definitely a big stain on the Academy and might be their worst/biggest blunder.

  2. Life of Blue on

    If they get another “Bond girl” that ruins what James does at the end of spectre, walking of with Léa. Which is a shame as it was a fitting end for this 007, walking away from his job which he almost did with Eva, seeing him do it with Léa fulfils what he wanted to do.

    Also Léa is belle.

  3. Im1CrazyCow on

    By the time they get the 25th James Bond out it will be the 60th anniversary………when Sean Connery first showed us James Bond they made a New Bond Movie Every year and even when Roger and Pierce Bronson took over they still made the movies every other year very rare it went to 3 years between but since Daniel (who I do like as Bond) became Bond it seems like he makes one every 4 or so years. It seems like the More they pay the actors the more they DELAY making a movie, Maybe Hollywood its time to go back the earlier days where one was made every other year ( i know every year would be very tough with all the CGI junk and other things added in POST so i get it) but it should not take 4+ years to make this type of movie!!
    So maybe after this one is done tell Daniel if you want to continue its this way or we part ways Simple and tell him to see if his, other movies hes made that are NOT bond did well, tattoo was flop and the last one he just did was same way, the PPL in charge need to STOP being held over a Barrel by Actors ……hell look at Fast and Furious its dead and SADLY (RIP PAUL) not because Paul passed away its because of greed and screen time…..shut the fuck up or get off my set plain and simple if not there are thousands willing to fill there ROLES!!! I want to add this and it may get some mad but its my Nickles worth of comment: No on the Idris Elba aka the Black Guy for James Bond and I know some are gonna rage but they guy they want to use they shot a test demo and he looked so awkward trying to act suave i thought it was a SNL skit at first he looked so bad. Maybe in a few years some one will pop up who fits it but right now I would be looking for the next guy now and maybe a Future Guy if you want to go the Black guy route. I have seen every movie and have the full set in a master collection with all Signed by the Stars in them so yes I know my Bond stuff, I know what people will accept and right now it could KILL the Franchise to be Blunt. OK my .05 ran out im done….lol Cow }:-o)

  4. Richard on

    Why do they need to have a Black James Bond 007 though.. Why can't they make a new M16 Agent in the bond (009 perhaps)universe and have spinoff movies.. and have Idris play his part.. That way Daniel Craig can come back and play him in a crossover movies and everyone is happy win win all around.

  5. John Smith on

    My guess would be he's too clever not to get involved into politics.Danny Boyle views himself as real artist not as some low-rate propagandist mouthpiece that has become the norm these days.To conclude, Danny had a glimpse of plot and said:'No!,Enough with this"Russian bogeyman"bullshit!"

  6. vickdisco on

    Bond is in trouble….if they give it to a black actor or woman….not a racist, but Bond should always be (like Fleming intended) a white guy of Scottish descent….

  7. Rahul Shome on

    I heard Boyle left cause he wanted to bring a more darker bond has hasn’t been seen ever with a Cold War setting film but Craig wants to bring back more of the Sean Connery & Roger Moore bond basically go back to the formula of gadgets and way more humour. Main reason

  8. Sean Kent on

    I need to abandon this Bond movie before they turn into a complete train wreck in a complete embarrassment. Daniel Craig doesn't want to do it he's only doing it for a huge huge paycheck, he has no passion for the character anymore. so they decide to get rid of the director, Who obviously has passion for the project.. as a lifelong James Bond fan and I am begging them to abandon this film start over again, I guess


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