Intel LGA775 Core 2 Duo Quad CPU Installation Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Linus Tech Tips


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  1. metaldemon52 on

    @mbukman13 Recently I've bought a q6600 core 2 quad. It can handle any game. Even without overclocking. 🙂 but yeah, a good c2q would be the best. If your 775 motherboard supports it 🙂

  2. Tech Therapy on

    hi. i have core 2 duo 745 series e6400 2.13 and 2 gb of ddr2 ram . question is if i want to put a quad core processor in it .. can i do this easily or i have to change other things like ram etc .plz give me fulllllllll guide. thank full to you

  3. Pole oluline on

    i have old pc and can still upgrade it a bit that dont cost me much

    if i would buy new LGA 1155 then i would need new ram to and new cpu what means i need to basically buy new pc to build it by my self

    i can but on my motherboard quad core but didnt find anything cheap enough so i got e8600 that will last me more one or two years when i seriously need a new pc

  4. mortkaer on

    Damm, sometimes i miss my good old Core2Quard Q9550, it was more unik to have a Core2Quard than having a i5 3570K, i only know one who also had a Cor22quard, rest had never i5/i7 or just Core2Duo's, arrh simple times.

  5. dsokol9545 on

    I have a HP8000elite core 2 duo SFF it will not turn on I changed the power supply and it still wont turn on the fan runs for half a second and stops few seconds later does same thing could I have a bad mother board?

    David M

  6. WGLKM on

    High end Core 2 Extreme processors can be as pricey as new i7s on a lot of sites, but check Amazon. I've been digging for a nice LGA775 cpu for a few weeks, and they've definitely had the best selection and prices. Go for a Core 2 Duo or Quad model at the very least.

  7. Porp Somnang on

    When after you install the cpu,is there other thing need to be done with this or that about it?  I over heard you have to install the software for the bio to read.  Please help.

  8. HUAWEI FLM on

    I wonder which DDR2 motherboard(I need 2 RAM socets only not more) would be appropriate for Core 2 Quad processor. I need some information. Pls someone help me.

  9. Earl Jackson on

    i got a processor from new egg for a LGA775 board and it made my tower light up amber as soon as i plug in the power cord did just buy a fddd up  processor? because the old one worked before but it was only a single core processor this one is a dual core?

  10. prizedcoffeecup on

    Watching this in 2015 and thinking of how upsetting one of the most common flaws of these motherboards are, no matter the brand or age. It seems that the computer will first occasionally hiccup and have a bluescreen here and there for anywhere between 2 and 18 months before the computer just entirely gives up and will either give you 3 long beeps or will literally do nothing more than spin up the fans and hard drive(s).

    My little brother's Intel DG35EC just suffered this, but thankfully I found a next to brand new DQ35JOE to replace it. Extremely identical with all of the same RAM and expansion slots, except the only visible difference I can find from first glance is the lack of PS/2 keyboard and mouse plugs on it, but little do I care seeing as the only PS/2 keyboard I have is connected to a far older geezer that has refused to die for the 4 years we have had it so far.

  11. SomethinTV on

    Hello i have a question. I was thinking of upgrading my PC's CPU. I have LGA1155 socket. I was thinking to give my CPU to my friend because he has old 1.8GHz 1 core processor
    He told me that he has LGA775 socket. Can he fit LGA 1155 socket CPU in LGA 775 socket ?


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