Intel LGA1366 Core i7 & Extreme Edition CPU Installation Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Linus Tech Tips


100 comments on “Intel LGA1366 Core i7 & Extreme Edition CPU Installation Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Linus Tech Tips

  1. Kevin R on

    @worlddomin62 It's a fake chip lol
    There are no chips out there thats that big.

    He mentioned it like, a long time ago.
    He used to use it to unbox stuff šŸ˜›

  2. ralmslb on

    3:04 "…you have instaled the CPU into your 1366 motherboard, you are a computer technician.." XDD That shows how hard is to do it, and some people can do it wrong anyway.

  3. Jarrod Teoh on

    Great info I lov watchin Linus' tech tips etc,but why does he behave like a child all the time,rambling and tapping delicate componentry like a half educated chimpanzee curious about an apple in a jar….?

  4. fleetwoodsucks on

    @ImmortalUniverse of course there is grease on your fingers you cant see. even if you have just washed your hands with boiling hot water there is still going to be grease on your finger tips. Touching the bottom of the CPU with your fingers is fine.. I dont see how grease would effect that. Touching the top with your fingers is retarded because of the grease on your fingers will act as an insulator when you apply your thermal paste. Although I highly doubt it will effect temps in the slightest

  5. fleetwoodsucks on

    @SurvTheAbst Nope sorry. Your wrong. The grease from your finger tips will protect the PCB and make it last longer. It wont eat away at it like acid.

    I admit its not best practice but it is hardly the component killer you all make it out to be. I Mean look at how many people on here do videos without proper esd protection. We like to pretend that our new motherboard is some highly delicate piece of electronic engineering but it isnt.

  6. railfan844 on

    @ImmortalUniverse I wash my hands before and its not like I'm scraping the pins as much as I can, what I'm saying is that if you accidentally touch the pins nothing bad will happen.

  7. Misphit Phreak on

    @ImmortalUniverse i accidently pend a pin by my shirt on an 1155 motherboard and i run my system, until now i got no problems at all, could i face any issues in the future? and if so what shall i do?

  8. Misphit Phreak on

    @ImmortalUniverse i ran prime 95 for half an hour already and there were no crashes and the pc was very stable but i am worried that i might face trubles in the future espicially that i do alot of gaming


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