Intel LGA1155/1156 Core i3 i5 i7 CPU Installation Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Linus Tech Tips


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  1. Wojowski on

    and to anyone out here who did exactly as this kid did; don't touch the top side of the processor. don't touch the metal side facing up, or it can mess up the heat sync

  2. rpatto92 on

    You know (well I suppose you don't but I'm about to tell you) I've watched a couple different CPU installation videos and have been terrified by the thought of doing it myself. By the way most people demonstrate installing a CPU, you'd think they were handling somebodies unborn child or something else extremely vulnerable, but with the nonchalant way in which you handle the whole process, it has put my mind at ease.

  3. Bob C on

    Nope you moved the black cap. It should have been on top of the metal cpu hold down. You install the CPU and then secure the metal hold down which will cause the black cap to come off. It says that in big letters on the black plastic cap. I know you posted this 6 years ago; but, this is for newbies.

  4. Jason Plays on

    Will I5 3470 fit an GA-78LMT-USB3 with an am3+ socket ? doesn't seem to fit my mother board even know websites say is compatible, ill keep an eye on my youtube for your reply. Thanks.

  5. Junior on

    I dont think anyone will answear but its worth a try. maybe this is a stupid question but i dont know much about computers. so can u put a i5 in a computer with a i3 without chanceing the Mother board?

  6. Stopher Bforbum on

    Hi ! I've recently installed a 6700k Skylake (1151) on an Asus Pro Gaming Mobo, the thing is that it freaked me out a little or alot because when i pulled the lever back or tightened it, it made this horrible crackling sound or somewhat crunching, it is safe to say that it all worked out just fine when i booted up the first time and bare in mind that it was a "oneshot" Good-to-go build, but that noise, i've never heard anything like it nor do i know why it did this, could you please enlighten me or tell me what's up?

  7. George Jung on

    sorry but would like to ask what would be a possible fault as after i had removed my i3-2120 and replaced it with i7-2600k.. my cpu keeps on rebooting after 2 or 3 secs without beeps…

    rig details
    asrock h61m-hgvs
    8gb ram
    using built in gpu

  8. ol' ben on

    I'm at my wits end, I bought an LGA 1156 motherboard and an i3 550 yet the 550 doesn't fit, the notches that fit into the notches on the side of the cpu are ever so slightly too high. Can anyone explain why this is the case? They're the same socket.

  9. Salvatore Escoti on

    Please help me. While trying to install the cpu I bend some if the soles pins. But nevertheless I powered this flawed system, I was hoping it would work. Of course it didn't even boot. Just the fans starter. So I know the motherboard is dead, but is my Cpu also broken? How csn I know. How likely is it…?

  10. Shubh Mall on

    I've CIH61 MI V1.1
    Right now I am having g2020 2.9 ghz
    I want to replace it with i3 6100 or 3220
    Can u tell me what are the processors I can mount in it
    Please help me please

  11. hiphopcroaks24 on

    So that's all you gotta do? I'm getting a computer with awesome everything in it except the processor and my grandma has a computer with an intel i3 that I figured I could swap processors with because she only uses it for bills๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Mayravixx on

    I'm short on money and I'm doing everything I can in order to afford an Intel Core i5 Processor to build a new PC, which raises the original price from 300 dollars to 500 dollars for the total project. The possibility of breaking the processor's pins is what concerns me the most, (and accidentally applying too much thermal paste) but I will ask, if it's inserted like that, is it guaranteed to not break? I'm stuck with an AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.80GHz processor right now and it's okay for work computers, but for gaming, this combined with my PSU cause problems with my graphics card, and many games won't run like they should because my CPU isn't fast enough (and it doesn't help that Windows uses anywhere from 30%-70% on it's own.)


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