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  1. Markiplier on

    THANK YOU ALL so much for watching! Please help spread the word about this charity event and SHARE this video or the various events I just posted for tomorrow! I'll update the description with the new links and if you can PLEASE make a donation through the Tiltify page in the description!

  2. Sarah Ayers on

    I'm happy that you feel like you can try new things, but I didn't like this format of stream. I wish it would've all been one stream, it's a lot easier for me to watch, plus, people might not get the notifications of other streams if you do so many, which means less people watching, and that means less people donating. I just liked it the old way, with subscriber interaction and a constant stream.

  3. SebSk on

    charity livestreaming – another thing that may become affected by the removal of net neutrality.

    Now imagine huge corporations earning tons of money from people wanting to tune into a charity livestream for saving starving and sick children.

    Mhm. Yep.

  4. Awesome Gamer on

    Ok I know I'm late but you are fricking amazing. I can't believe that you're able to do all this for a charity stream and having that stream be for children? That's even better. You are an amazing person.

  5. Isaac Jacobs on

    Mark, Ever since I began to watch your videos (2015), you've helped me through some pretty rough times ranging from family members dying, dad and mom divorce, and depression throughout 10th grade. Anyway, thank you for always cheering me uo and getting me through rough times.


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