Hulk Hogan pays tribute to “Mean” Gene Okerlund: Raw, Jan. 7, 2019


The Hulkster returns to celebrate the life and career of his longtime friend, “Mean” Gene Okerlund.


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100 comments on “Hulk Hogan pays tribute to “Mean” Gene Okerlund: Raw, Jan. 7, 2019

  1. Ali Ahmed on

    All of us make mistakes and then go back to the right Let us support the man What if Holk was not a wrestler What was wwe what it is today This incident happened a few years ago Let us open a new page

  2. Hamse Anders on

    It was surreal seeing Hogan be real for a moment. Say what you want about the guy, but he lost a good friend and it's good to see that he is allowed to come out and honor him.

  3. NorCaLove1 on

    WWF will never be like the 80’s and 90’s. The newest fans will never know what they missed out on. But we know! I remember charging my friends $2 to watch pay per view with soda and Cheetos included.

  4. Joseph Martin-Woods on

    Good for Hogan to finally be back. I think that it's crazy that without the technology or social media we have today people would have never known about Hogan's racist comments. He would have been someone who pretended everyone was equal, but secretly didn't like African American's so much. I forgive Hogan and he is still a legend and shows he has learned from his mistakes. I'm also glad Hogan used this time to focus on MEAN GENE OKERLUND! R.I.P. Mean Gene Okerlund

  5. Marc Anderson on

    You know it’s scary, when he starts to say those names and you realise they have all past, and you reality hits you that your not that 4 year old watching your childhood heroes anymore. The entrance the names I genuinely felt like a kid again. RIP everyone

  6. Sean Wardwell on

    The Hulkster is literally – and I mean literally – the only man who could legit do a Mean Gene tribute in the middle of the ring. You can make an argument for Vince strictly on longevity, but some people don't realize Hulk and Gene pushed each other to the top. They put each other over time and again, and I'd say that's unique for a wrestler and an announcer. Hulkamania wouldn't be what was without Gene and Hogan knows it. Even better, Hogan appreciates this. A worthy tribute.


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