How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended


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  1. MinionGamer YT on

    Top 10 Anime Rip-offs.

    The incredibles Should have Ended with the Parrs Going to A secret Villain Base where The wall explodes, Then everybody says "B O M B V O Y A G E!" Then Your fav mime shows up, And the end :v Then andy, Yes, FREAKING ANDY, shows up, Then in incredibles 3 Bomb voyage is defeated, Then andy says " Y O U D I D I T A G A I N" Then in incredibles 4 Thanos pops up seeking revenge and stuff. Then Then fight Against thanos :v

  2. Vignette Film on

    Nope. Copying the cinematic universe method would just be lazy and tacky at this point. Yes, there is a Pixar theory that connects all the films together, but it's just a cool connection. And it will only be cool if they remain non-canon. If not, we will just be looking for easter-eggs instead of being invested in the stories put out by Pixar.

  3. fairystail1 on

    Honestly the villain should have been thr brother. Evelyn was cool but the sibling that liked Heros would have made the better villain.
    Just think about it, he comitted crimes, made a supervillain, almost killed people. All so that he could make Heros legal again.
    Then when Helen finds out she has to deal with the fact that this guy used evil methods to do good. Does she turn him in and possibly undo all the good? or let him go?

    It would have been more interesting than the simple, i hate heroes.


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