How Detective Pikachu Is Canon With The Anime


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  1. Venti Caramel Frappuccino on

    The anime isn't what is "canon" within the Pokemon universe, it's the mainline games. The writers for the anime don't even care what is canon within the anime series as there are countless continuity errors and flat out retcons that plauqe the entirety of the TV anime series and it's movies that showcase the lengendaries each gen.

  2. AnimaMandala on

    Despite the quotes presented in this video, it actually makes more sense to me that this film isn't specifically canon to anything else. Just like there are a multitude of Pokémon Manga universes, we're allowed to have a movie universe separate from the main anime. I mean, the last two anime films were in their own separate universe themselves, so seriously, why the hell not?

  3. Hömïë dčhääñël on

    I had an awesome idea for a post credit scene for this movie. It’s happens after the pokéball falls. The pokéball turns live action. It lands in a guy’s hand. The guy throws the ball up and down 3 times while the camera is panning down. Then, it shows the guys face to be a live action Ash

  4. Tylan Maul on

    Except it does counteract the anime. The main problem is with Mewtwo. While yes we see him captured in the movie following the events of the first movie and that is where the problem starts. In Pokemon's 13th movie Genesect and the legend awakens contradicts the possible connection because there is only one Mewtwo and if Mewtwo has been in captivity for the past 20 years then that means that genesect takes place after that which does not add up.

  5. Wowtepentepz Wow on

    After watching the movie im assuming ash, misty and brock are somewhere in the world? And 20 years older as one of the lines in the movie was mew two escaped from the kanto region 20 years ago…

  6. Adam Walsh on

    20 years have not passed in the anime even if you ignored Ash being 10 throughout 7 regions (I always assumed 1 year each region) it has however been that long in the games universe. Plus someone who looks a lot like Red appears at the beginning of the movie.

  7. Anthony Aguinaldo on

    Seems like no one noticed in the opening scene of Detective Pikachu, Mewtwo wakes and says (telepathically) “They’re outside”, which I saw as a callback to Mewtwo”s origin story. When Mewtwo wakes in the anime version, he says something to the effect of “The voices… They’re outside… where I should be!”

  8. Bi. Bo. on

    Actually they only said it's Mewtwo from Kanto. Nothing else. Also the way Mewtwo talks with Tim and Henry about the good within Human rather sounds like these were the FIRST humans he had good experience with. Anime-Mewtwo met Ash and his Friends so he had already good relationship with humans. This Kanto-Mewtwo could as well be just from the Games, not the Anime.
    Sorry if my english is confusing. I'm German and still lerning.

  9. C41N4 on

    Why is Detective Pikachu canon with the anime?

    Watchmojo: because they use Pokémon that appear in the anime. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑


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