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  1. US A on

    If you watched the trailers, no doubt you have seen the "best" of this movie. They can't decide to play it for laughs or seriously. As a result, it's just stupid.

  2. Sterling Snake on

    Why do I feel like there's an agenda to this? Stupid men bagging on the fact that there's a "Female Doctor", and then saying something stupid to make the females seem smarter in comparison. Let alone that in the YouTube trailers, they use texts & emojis in the trailers as well.
    I don't know what it is, but something about this feels Fuck-y.

  3. Scott Bull. on

    Public Service Announcement… Do not waste your money to see Holmes & Watson. It was beyond horrible. The funniest part of the entire movie was walking out of the theater and hearing so many people saying "that was really bad"

  4. robertofulton on

    Seriously…….do people actually like this kind of idiotic, childish “humour”. This looks more pathetic than the 2016 ghostbusters movie. A five year old could write better jokes for god sake.

    Also shouldn’t there be a petition to have an English character portrayed by an English actor, I mean there are enough around after all.

  5. shigsho on

    Movie sucks!! A real bomb. After 20 people left my wife and I became 20 and 21 to go. I have never seen anything like it. Most were slipping into other films. You won't get your money back but the theater will give you free passes.

  6. Michael Elgar on

    People here complaining about this ruining a franchise, no Sherlock Holmes is public domain and this is not cannon or part of that trilogy. This is Will Ferrell making a silly movie (he's the best at it), but some parts of the trailer seem like they are trying to sell it as sort of an action movie (explosions and hits). This is just Will Ferrell in period with the backdrop of Sherlock Holmes to rest the comedy on.

  7. L Hayes on

    Oh my good god. Hollywood might have to be shut down after this. Seriously, who has financed this garbage? Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes in a comedy, doing a terrible British accent. This is my idea of movie hell.


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