Golden Globes 2019: Recapping The Biggest Moments


Golden Globes 2019 Recapping The Biggest Moments

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100 comments on “Golden Globes 2019: Recapping The Biggest Moments

  1. Reyno Tapia on

    Bohemian rhapsody is a musical and it wasn’t the best anything. It was fine, but the 80 voting members of the HFPA said it was Better than “if Beale street could talk.”

  2. the dudes on

    A star is born and b r are pritty much the same thing. It really just depends on what type of music you like. I love queen so i loved b r but i dont realy like the music in a star is born so the movie wasint that great to me, i think its almost complety personal tast.

  3. EdensSecret1 on

    I expected Gaga to win for the music, but not the acting, yes she was great in a Star is born, but Bradley Coopers acting shone in the movie. I did expect him to win Best Actor though… and I also expected more wins for the movie. I adored A Star is Born…. a moment in my life for sure.

  4. Tina Gegova on

    Rami Malek was great but I think BR could've been way better. For a movie about Queen there wasn't much of the other members of the band and for a biopic of Freddie it wasn't all truth. But I didn't feel the presence of Freddie in the movie. I personally liked ASIB better probably because I haven't seen the previous 3 and it was all new to me. The music is amazing too and it wasn't a biography so you're not thinking about what's true and what isn't.


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