Godzilla Vs King Kong


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  1. ArcticBlitz75 on

    Prediction: King Kong and Godzilla will be pitted against each other as a manipulation tactic, and an even bigger threat than both of them will arise and they will have to work together to defeat it. I think that bigger threat will be Mecha Ghidora

  2. Ashton on

    Godzilla is a dinosaur that was mutated by Nuclear Bomb tests in 1945. When he was mutated, he was given various abilities such as Atomic Breath and resistance to conventional weaponry.

    King Kong is just a giant ape.

    I think we all know who's is better.

  3. DontBe3Greedy on

    But king is smart. Super man vs batman who wins? Superman but batman if he gets enough prep time. Same with God zilla and king. Kong and Godzilla have fought before but it was a draw. Brawn isn't always the best. I have my money on Kong

  4. TimZ Mlbb on

    Ffs of course Godzilla MIGHT win but have y’all ever look at King Kong y’all are making dumb shit King Kong is fast and maybe a even new power for him in 2020 King Kong vs Godzilla so chill all ur Titz and wait for the movie just keep talking bout King Kong dying but I’ll wait to see that happen

  5. Robert Logan on

    In Godzilla (2014) Godzilla was 350 feet. In Kong skull island Kong was 104 feet so unless they shrink Godzilla or grow Kong for their fight there is no question.
    just google how tall is King Kong and how tall is Godzilla 2014.

  6. trence5 on

    I could be waaaaay off but I feel in the movie Kong is gonna get a hold of one of those big lead rods, the kind they used in nuclear plants.. I don't know but I see that coming..

  7. Marvin Ng on

    lets see Kong gets cut by a rotary blade on a helicopter while godzilla gets nuked in the face and didn't get a scratch…. its clear who will win. Even if kong grows to the same size, train ninjutsu so he can flip off mountains and use giant shurikans and swords he can't even scratch godzilla. On the other hand, one atomic breath will burn his monkey butt…

  8. MRX on

    Kong is way to underrated OK Godzilla got stranger how about kong the last time we saw him was over 40 years ago so obviously he would have gotten better as well

  9. Midoriya Izuku on

    Godzilla: I'm a God you're just a king kong hahhahah!!

    Kong: whats a god to a non
    believer?! Heheheh

    Me seeing them almost fight to death but in the end they'd just team up and beat bigger foes.

  10. Student, Shane Walters on

    You're just Godzilla fanboys and girls, aren't you WatchMojo? That's what I thought, you were just being unfair, screw this matchup, kong will definitely beat him regardless since Godzilla uses his brawn whilst Kong uses both his brain and brawn, Godzilla will be in huge trouble guaranteed, one false move, he's toast!


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