Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review and Breakdown


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  1. linski561 on

    Trying to be fair I think that it's possible that the writers have had to take unusual character turns for one major reason. Imagine the book readers continuing with the series and finding that the books are just following the tv series, the disapointment would be unbearable. D & D have I think had to imagine a totally different outcome without the grace of time on their hands. Granted improvements could have been made but I'm prepared to cut them some slack and hopefully be able to continue reading a whole new epic plot. Any thoughts?

  2. Cindy Guseman on

    They really put Jon under the bus. All the build up about him being Aegon wasted. Totally ruined it. He was the main character and the writers just shit on him. Feel like I wanted 8 years watching this show. Big disappointment

  3. K Bru on

    I got the impression they sent him to the wall because there was westoros lords who were still planning to support Daenerys. I also got the impression that he was going to live with the wildlings. It seemed obvious to me how Yara was upset by the fact dany was dead. I also thought Tyrion was named hand by Bran so he essentially could be king. Bran took a page out of Bobby B's book to let the hand rule

  4. Byzantios1 on

    Didn't like the way Deanarys character went this season at all. Just like Jon, after all she had been through. And for Jon Snow just to be brushed aside ….crappy ending.

  5. Laurece Prendergast on

    Honestly, I agree 100%!!!! The first half and the symbolism was amazing even Danny's vision of her being with her husband and child, I was like omggg…

    Then they screwed it up!!! John deserved to be King he was everything. I honestly was so disappointed that I didn't even finish watching the rest and came here to see if everyone was just as frustrated as me. Very disappointed because I was emotionally invested for so long.

  6. shahzad malik on

    Totally agree with you BuzzTox. I recently watched S7 and if you guys remember when Bran came back and he was telling every one that he is the 3 eyed raven and everyone he tells would ask him what the hell does that mean. And then he explains that he can see the past. But what did he see. He saw Jon being not a bastart but in the last series they did not use it. No one said word Jon at the councillors meeting. To me Bran acting and his face and his story really sucks. I love this show but seeing him seeing the past make me sleep. It was so depressing, I did not like the guy who played Bran or his story and finally out of no where they made him a King. And i can just laugh that he said Why do you think I am here. Seriously the whole series was so nice but last episode has a domino effect that you start thinking that what was that? They should have make Jon the King.

    Another point is is Deney was shown as a sympethetic queen. We never saw her killing without a reason. She helped Jon and Sansa when Cerci refused so why all of a sudden in 2 episodes they made her a villian. I absolutely adored her story. Why could not she be the queen had there been no episode 5 and 6.

    Anyway I am happy with one thing which is that the show has ended and as Martin said that he wanted few more seasons but hello we have been waiting for 10 years for GOT to finish. I reckon that Martin has achieved World attention only because of David and Co and he should be thank ful to them. For me S8 E3 and E5 were the best ever because of direction no matter what ppl say. But the show ended on a low and this in itself is not just.

  7. Andrew Tracy on

    Dude did you even watch the episode? John went beyond the wall to live with the wildings, not to stay on the Watch. Also, Bron discuses building new brothels because that is the point of his character. He loves money and whores. He also has one of the best sense of humors on the show.

  8. Natasha Dolgushkin on

    The actual worst thing about the entire series is that Robert Baratheon was right and he should have had Danaerys killed. Jorah Mormont was wrong and should have allowed her to be killed. Even worse, Ned Stark was wrong.

  9. Mari C on

    Jon never wanted to leave the North, never wanted to be King, grew up to be the man Danny loved and trusted–therefore the only man in place ABLE to do the right thing, and is finally free to live whatever the life he wants. There are no other good choices over Bran for King because we know how humans in power can be. I think Bran is protecting Jon in his own way. I think Bran will oversee Tyrion (and Bronn) and make changes as needed. I'm glad our beloved Jon doesn't have to deal with any more BS.

  10. Cecilia Miller on

    Yes. I hav to agree on GORGEOUS CINEMATOGRAPHY.AGAIN I havent read the Books but at least i was convinced thst if Daeney HAD to die then JON is King. AFTER she gives him a son and all that. BREAK the WHEEL? We ended up with imo, unqualified people in certain posts. BRAN as King? NOPE. We needed a Leader. Something JON is adept at. Sansa as a Queen? Wow. Every Little 👧 dream job. PLEASE. She betrayed JON.TWICE!!. BTW Jon made her Wardeness o f the NORTH til his return. She couldn't quite relinquish that power. BUT DANEY is the power hungry one all along? I am SUPER upset with the handling o f both JON AND DANEREY's characters. I really just dont know WHAT to think. Its over, of course, but a letdown nonetheless.

  11. dragonbreath on

    Jon who? I agree with you (on all counts) and feel that they haven't used Jon in the last two seasons. He was treated as if he was a secondary/minor character. Thank you for pointing out how Greyworm had so much say over Jon's destiny because I wondered about the same thing as I watched it. I didn't mind the ending as much because after being let down for the last 2-3 seasons, it lowered my expectations so much that this seemed okay.

  12. The One on

    Ended like a Democrat would want it to end with a crippled king who doesnt know how to rule, a dwarf telling him what to do, and the real leaders thrown to the wind. Yep, a Democrat utopia.

  13. Batool Esk on

    iam sorry they have invested nothing into bran for him to be king , even the actor that played bran said when he saw the script he thougt they were kidding and it was some kind of a prank

  14. Margarita Parra Cobaleda on

    Yes, the last season (well two seasons) they wrapped up too quickly, after 6 seasons of building up to something. I didn't like Jon's end, either Bran's. I loved the show but my feedback is to give the time it needs to resolve things, and not to hurry up. If they knew they have 8 seasons, perhaps starting to wrap up at season 7!! With 10 episodes per season.

  15. mike bow on

    This was not the heroic ending we hoped for Jon Snow. He was supposed to kill the Knight King-he didn't. He was supposed to be the Prince that was promised-he wasn't. 
    Please explain to me-when the Red Witch lit all the Dothraki's swords on fire at the battle of Winterfell and most of them died-how come there are so many alive in episode 6?
    How come there are more Unsullied soldiers in episode 6 than we have ever seen? Did not some of them die at Winterfell and when the ships were sunk (with all their armor)?
    How is Bran going to defend King's Landing from attack with no army and the walls destroyed? How are the people going to rebuild when most of them are dead? How come the Dothraki and the Unsullied- who are brutal warriors and killers going to allow Jon Snow to live? After all they followed her for many years before Jon Snow met her! I do not buy that they even would have allowed him to go to prison-they would have killed him on the spot if they were true loyal followers and true warriors (they were). Why were we denied the scene when Jon confessed to killing her and their reaction. I know why we were denied -because it is BS that that would let him live so it would have been unbelievable to us.
    Bad finish to a great show.

  16. Alex Bayarsaikhan on

    I totally agree with you. I'm a little bit disappointed. Jon is more qualified to be a king and Bran could be a good adviser. I guess that writers want to show the end of Targaryens and to end the Game of Throne which Aegon Targaryen started by destroying the Iron Throne by Drogon. Finally, Westeros is left as what was early. I think many viewers are not satisfied with the ending, but it doesn't matter now.

  17. Rocky Hayles on

    Those were my thoughts on this episode exactly. Jon is the rightful king. No one else. Bran was the very last person in the entire story I would ever think would sit the throne. It felt like the first half of the show was a continuation of the storyline. Other than Danny’s death being a bit underwhelming, I felt it went very well. Then the second half made no connection to rest of the 8 seasons whatsoever. The train went off the track and they just decided to go a whole new direction. Guess we know now why George struggled so much with finishing his books. This ending is not the one. I pray he finishes and I pray he re-writes the end. I understand maybe they wanted an ending no one expected, but THIS. This was an epic fail.

  18. Camvret kampret on

    Bran and Tyrion know that Jon Snow is a targaryen, pointless. They know Jon Snow is willing to kill his lover for something better, pointless. When they talk who will be king, no one mentions that. They just scared of Gray worm which only a slave from another fckin kingdom.


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