Game of Thrones Season 8 EP6 (The Iron Throne) Review, Critiques, Analysis


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  1. WolfPhysiKs on

    Lol you still making theories about the show even though it’s already over. Accept it, there’s was nothing below surface level after they ran out of book material

  2. Outside Box on

    Danaerys dying and being flown away from the dragon was when game of thrones ended for me, the rest of the show after that scene was poor and everyone was in holiday mode.

  3. oktopustrainer on

    Arya warns Jon about Dany: " I kNoW a KilLeR wHeN I sEe oNe !"
    You mean one of the worst mass murderers in the history of Westeros? THAT Dany? Ya don't say! Dialogue was pure cringe.

  4. Detheroc on

    Yeah I said the same thing, like dude merks your momma, and you're like fuck you throne!!! But others said that Drogon knew he loved Dany, and knew Jon didnt want to kill her but had no choice, and the real culprit who lead to her death was the wanting of the Iron Throne. And it makes some degree of sense to me, I've come to terms with this season, I dont love it, but I dont hate it. But there is one thing that will forever be completely wrong for me, and that is, they only used two episodes to spin Daenarys mad. They say oh but there were hints here and there all throughout the show, fire and blood, burn down cities, blah, blah, blah. Dany always did the right thing for the most part, she punished evil, and protected the weak. But for our ending they spin it to, shes the evil, and punish the weak. Like really, that's the way you went with the mother of friggin dragons. Dude this ending could have worked just fine if it had more time to be nurtured and cultivated, not shoved in our faces in two damn episodes. I love the show overall, have been a day one watcher, but way to fumble the ball at the end D&D, aka Dumb and Dumber

  5. Stryder on

    HBO happily offered David Benioff and D.B Weiss to fund and budget 10 episodes for the finale season of GoT.

    They refused.

    They thought it would be best to conclude one of the biggest and most immersive shows ever seen on television in the least amount of episodes possible.

  6. Amell Yrizarri on

    actually, I liked this one, the scene in which daenerys gives his speech reminded me of those old tapes with Adolf Hitler and oter fasist leaders doing the same thing, it makes you see a certain parallelism between that kind of characters: they all started their career as social activists or revolutionaries preaching about changing the system and help the people and ended up becoming something very different, the only problem is that it did not develop better in the previous episodes. I also like how visually the ruins of the king's landing resembled a nuclear winter

  7. Derek K on

    What was the point in Jon Snow as a character..
    It's like grrm set us up like this is the guy, this is the hero of the story, he is the Prince who was promised, the rightful heir.. Aegon Targaryen.
    For What? So he can get exiled and go back up north?
    I'm so fucking pissed if this is what george has for his ending

  8. Aimee Furrer on

    #7 on trending…happy for you but sad it’s bc of this…my feelings and thoughts echoed yours this entire season and for the
    past several seasons really. You’re not afraid to say what you really think and I appreciate and respect it. Yours was always the first review I’d go to after every episode so thank you for everything…it’s been quite a ride.

  9. Melinda GDW on

    I feel really empty & deflated too. I don't see why D&D didn't just pass the show running torch to someone else if they had grown tired of GoT. Instead they completely rushed & bungled this season. The cast & crew & fans deserved better.

  10. Uzzie B on

    I think dragon spared Jon Snow because he blamed the death of Dany on the iron throne and lust for power. That’s why he burned the entire throne. He knew Jon was mourning as well.

  11. Andres Rondon on

    3:42 apparently you've never talked with a delussional person. They don't make sense! That's why they are called mad. And that's not a character arc, is a reality that many people live through illnesses like schizofrenia. I find that people that doesn't understand crazy people and how they become are the most shocked by Danerys arc in GOT's finale.

    PS: I'm reffering specifically to the "daenerys going mad" thing. Of course the entire season had many flaws. Also, sorry for my bad english.

  12. Phoebe xo on

    I literally think they got to season 8 and where like fuck there is way to much to sum up so how about we just kill half the characters and bullshit our way through it

  13. SiCong Li on

    Maybe it's a game of thrones between Lord of the Light in Essos and the Old Gods in Westeros all along. Remember all the Starks are descendent of the First Men who worshipped Old Gods, while Daenerys is worshiped by many red priests and priestesses to be AA.

    It makes sense that Dany got her dragon eggs from Asshai, a central hub for LoL followers, and that she's approached and watched over by figures like Quaithe, who's a shadowbinder. It especially intrigues me that Dany's visions in the house of undying speak of her downfalls as "betrayals", and Quaithe gave Dany warnings instead of prophecy. Given what the show has revealed, we already know who the kraken, the lion and others are in Quaithe's warning, and we know the context of the betrayals, but Quaithe told Dany to "trust none of them." and "remember the undying". If Dany is to be a saviour to the world, and you can foresee her going mad, why are you giving her opposite advice, to distrust anyone who could potentially keep her sane? It's clear she not only knows what's going to happen, but also actively trying to push Dany there. It's eerie that when Daenerys asks Quaithe to speak not in riddles but plainly and asks what she wants from her, she simply replies "to show you the way". It makes sense that if you want to drive a sane person insane, you wouldn't want them to figure it out. That could explain why Quaith is always cryptic and is planting seeds of doubts in Dany's mind instead of giving her true guidance ("To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east…" I mean what?). What's a better way to show a way of insanity than to make that person constantly paranoid? Dany's miracles: her dragons, her immunity to fire (occasionally in the books) could well be the weapons handed down to her by the LoL to make her their perfect Messiah; her sense of destiny that stretches the entire series could well be LoL's interference that's meant to bend and break her mind. In the book she's always struggling with her identity; deep down she just wants to go home and be loved but she's also been confronted countless times to face and embrace her "destiny", by others and by her own visions.Before we thought this was just her "dragon blood" that calls for the fire-and-blood conqueror side of her, but now it's also possible that it's the divine intervention of the LoL. If that's the case then they've done a brilliant job. Look at Dany at the end; she might not have claimed to be a LoL follower, but all her actions and thoughts are strikingly in line with LoL believes: according to LoL, there's only one hell and that's the living world, and the only way to be freed from this hell is to be burned by fire. So in that sense Dany has "freed" thousands of people to LoL. And it's even more eerie how they use similar words:"freeing", "liberating".

    This is not a perfect theory and I don't think attributing all her characterisation to divine intervention is all there is to it; I do believe it's a complex matter: her experiences, her stripped down individuality, her inherited potential "madness", some mystic higher-powers and circumstances are all in play. But the more I think about it, especially after the show more or less revealed the ending to the book, the more I think that the mystic powers have been largely ignored and more importantly, misconstrued in her plot.

    If we can establish LoL tries to conquer and spread to Westeros, then OGs are trying to retake Westeros. We've seen that they have the resolve to take extreme measures by creating white walkers (if the show's version of this origin story is cannon). But that turned out to be an epic failure. With Westeros being firmly controlled by the Faith of Seven, and violent options like creating magical creature armies out of question, it makes sense that the OGs would want to switch to a more "political" strategy and what's a better plan than having an embodiment of your existence to take control of the mundane human world? A lot of Bran's actions throughout this season are very questionable: why is he spreading Jon's true identity but choosing to take the throne himself instead (don't tell me it's just a necessary move to keep Jon alive. Bran made it abundantly clear that he's preparedand intended for his ascension to throne)? Why is he allowing Dany to slaughter KL without warning anyone, even after he already has the visions of Drogon flying over KL a long time ago (Again, don't say that he probably did not see that coming. He literally told Jon in the last scene that Jon's where he's supposed to be, meaning that Bran had already forseen Dany's actions. Why is he concerning so much about Drogon at the end? We haven't seen him acting this goal-driven since he became a three-eyed raven.

    I theorise that not only did Bran, or the Old Gods plot his ascension to throne, but they planted the seeds long before the events of GoT happened; given three-eyed raven's ability to alter the past, it's not a hyperbole that they may have staged the False Spring events, which started the whole story, and also gave them their most powerful weapon against Dany, the Messiah of LoL. Jon's biggest secret and prophecy revolves around his Stark and Targaryen lineage, which really doesn't matter that much in the war against white walkers (although his experiences and circumstances are, we'll get to it later); instead his identity is much more relevant in instrumenting the fall of Dany; it could be used as a last straw that breaks Dany, like in the show, or even more important, his lineage could let him step into Dany's world and grant him her last piece of trust and love (not so much in the show as she's generally quite upset about Jon's identity, but his affinity to dragons, and probably also an inexplicable familiarity are what draw Dany in the first place. Also book Dany might even be happy to share her power with him, marrying each other and ruling as king and queen ), all the while still maintaining a Stark. Then when time comes, he's the only one that can stay intimate with Dany and deliver her final betrayal for love.

    There're still some potential holes in this theory: 1. Why does LoL want to revive Jon if he's the doom of Dany, LoL's chosen saviour? 2. Why does LoL allow Dany's downfall to happen if they can already foresee it and they want Dany to persevere? For 1, remember that white walkers are a great threat not only to Old Gods and humans in Westero, but also to LoL as well. Their whole prophecy of AA is built upon the premise of defeating the long night, and the Great Other, a nemesis to LoL. Jon's not special in the war against WWs because of his special lineage or some mystical properties, but because his circumstances made him the only one that could unite all different powers under one banner to fight WWs. LoL must've noticed his importance in winning the war against his and OG's common threat white walkers. For 2, first of all, I don't believe the gods in GoT/ASOIAF have unbounded powers that can embody themselves to directly interfere with worldly matters.We haven't seen a single instance of a true manifestation/embodiment of a higher being in either the show or the books. They work much like puppeteers, pulling threads behind the curtains, and occasionally announce their existence by displaying some flares of magic. Following this assumption, I believe LoL has foreseen Dany's fate, but placed a bet on the outcome. In her final moments, Dany's already very close to the fanatic they moulded her to be, except for her love for Jon, which is an unpredictable variable planted by the Old Gods; LoL's bet hinged on her madness, her delusions, her paranoia to win over her feelings for Jon (hence why they constantly tell her to trust no one); the OGs on the other hand bet on Dany's remaining love still reachable by Jon, and that Jon weighs duty over love (Jon and Tyrion had a discussion about duty and love which I find to be quite illuminating in Jon's arc and his final decision). In the end, LoL lost, but in a sense Dany won, as she's still just that little girl who wants a home and who wants to be loved all along and Jon saved that girl in Dany's final moments.

    Now with Bran on the Throne, Sansa in the North and Jon beyond the Wall, the Old Gods are finally back to Westeros in full force.

    Of course this view is still too crude to be a proper theory and probably has many holes. And while I'm writing this I realise the interpretation of treating GOT as a Gods' game is pretty meta to the point of being kinda useless; these gods, LoL, OGs, could just be seen as instantiations of writer's will. They are almost parallel to our characters' world. You can take them out and the story more or less stays the same. But when they do intersect with the characters' world, they tend to align themselves with certain characterisation or plotpoints, hiding behind multiple narratives of the events, thus making us constantly guessing which narrative offers the best explanation; you could easily see our characters as free-willed individuals who collectively make the song of ice and fire, or you could easily buy into them being nothing but pawns of a much bigger game of thrones, or anything in between and beyond. I guess that's the charm of ASOIAF.

  14. Gene Litvinov on

    great review, totally spot on, i thought this show went down hill after first couple of seasons, and especially since season 7 when their budget increased but dialogue and story got worse

  15. CJ B on

    It sounds like ur a daenerys fan boy now, WOW. U only look at the good daenerys and never the bad or evil daenerys. well at least now u do. U had a video asking if daenerys is going nuts, so if u could see it then, why, when it is finally happened, not see it at all? The writing was heavily flawed since seasion 5, that doesnt mean that these plot points are not good or not "canon" to the books. GRRM told weis and beinoff the ending, and i think thats what they STRUGGLED to implement admits trying to diverge a bit. They were probably pressured to take his Ideas cuz they had no more of their own.

  16. Dean Welsh on

    Drogon destroyed the Iron Throne because it’s what really killed Danny, her drive to get it turned her to the “mad queen” and so I suppose he knew Jon had no choice. That’s my view

  17. Atticus3lack on

    6:29 proves you are an idiot and dont know anything about the lore of the show and the connect dragons have with their riders. He knew it was the iron throne. He melted it because it was a symbol of his mother's downfall.

  18. Kakyoin MILF Hunter on

    Can someone explain to me what the fuck the night's whatch still exists at the end of series?! Imean theire objective was only to protect the kingdom against the Whites and the wildlings and now the whites are defeated and the wildlings became friendly so why the NW still on???

  19. James Farrell on

    I dont get why this last episode couldnt have been fleshed out into 3 or 4 or even 5 episodes. There is so much stuff left out. What happened after Jon killed Dany? How did the Umsullied capture him? How did they even know what happened? Did they literally cram an entire Dream of Spring into one or 2 episodes?

  20. NPCRR on

    I think one thing every commentator has missed, including you, is that it's been made clear time and time again that Dragons are INTELLIGENT!! As an intelligent creature, Drogon realized that it was the Iron Throne which killed his mother.


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