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  1. Pat & Furious on

    You need to look up the definition of "explained" in the dictionnary. It was painful enough sitting through the episode but to relive it again with that annoying voice-over is beyond torture. Pure clickbait no wonder your content is shit now

  2. AngelicusImmortus on

    Anyone else note that Bran admits the only reason he’s there is to be King: He’s played his own game of Thrones by letting his opponents lill each other.
    3 Eyes Raven or Merciless bastard.
    He could have Warg into a Drogon and sauced thousands.

  3. Kristal Bethel on

    The show ends beautifully with what appears to be (1) the birth of democracy; (2) the end of tyranny in monarchy (3) the quest for discovery (of the Americas?); (4) reward of the North for the risks taken in battling forces against humanity. Tyrion and John manifested man's unending struggle with the power of duty over love. The show demonstrates the often seemingly uneven scales of justice and man's continuous wrestling with the laws of governance – all as seen through the story of the horrific experiences borne by one family – the Starks. The show showcases the wisdom, strength and courage of Tyrion in his attempts to advance the principle of truth over emotion as well as decisions and actions that, no matter how seemingly unfair and difficult, are taken for the good of all.

  4. SnappingTurtle801 on

    I love watching GOT videos and reading comments, but I told myself to stop watching cause I'm sick to tears of all the complaining and crying about this season. This doesn't seem like one of those videos. fingers crossed Don't let me down Mojo.

  5. Sideways AsF on

    Everyone is like "YoU DiN EspLaiN NOOoOooThiN" Jesus Christ wtf is there to explain? If this video doesn't make sense to you then you didn't watch the show, and that's why you still don't understand 😂

  6. Marvin Godric on

    Tyrion Lannister: the imp, the Half-Man, Kinslayer and Queenslayer never to be known of his role in the Song of Ice and Fire. I could think of a better end for him but to be tormented with the memory of his actions for the rest of his days is a start.

  7. Proud Indian on

    It was great ending for John Snow. Come on he is real hero of cruel series with very brave move. But lot of others characters were simply wasted. Jamie's character for example was superbly developed till season 7 but he simply was a confused character in season 8. In my opinion it could have been him becoming king slayer again for Cercie's revenge may be.

    Characters like Bronn simply were shown to fill faces and little bit of time. Could have been used better.

    It was really strange and nice to see Lord Varys as real hero of game of thrones. Considering he was one of the most difficult character to understand. Also it was strong two episodes for Tyrion atleast.

  8. MOBROOKS on

    That finale was so trash.

    So Drogon is just gonna be ok with Jon murdering his mother?
    So he roasts a chair but let’s Jon walk?
    Whatever. Smh.
    So The Unsullied are taking no Lannister soldiers prisoner.
    Everyone who opposed their queen dies. Right?
    But the guy who murders their queen they do take prisoner? Wtf.

    Ok, I just want you to think about this,
    the writers want us to believe that THEE Grey Worm who has zero allegiance to anyone in Westeros except Dany is now going stand in front of coawardly Sam, cowardly Robin Aryn (who Grey Worm doesn’t even know), the Stark Sisters who plotted against his queen the entire time, an upstart cutthroat Bron, and Edmur Tully and beg THEIR permission to kill the man who slaughtered the only person he was sworn to serve and protect.
    That’s what the writers would have me believe?
    Plus, Who the fuck are the Unsullied holding Jon prisoner for anyway?
    Dany is murdered and Tyrion gave up his position as hand of the queen so who are they holding him for??
    Dany named Grey Worm her commander of all military forces right before she died so guess what, Grey Worm’s in charge.
    He was mad and wanted vengeance.
    If the writing was half way decent, he would have just taken his vengeance rather than asking a rag tag panel of people he didn’t know and had zero authority over him for permission to bring Jon to justice.
    For what? To avoid war?
    When have the Unsullied ever been afraid of war?
    War is the only thing they’ve known since birth.
    The Unsullied stood fearlessly face to face against the Army of the Dead but are gonna be afraid of the Northmen?
    And why? So the unsullied can keep the peace so they can go back to their farms and wives??????
    My point is, the Unsullied had 1 goal and 1 mission and that was to serve and protect Dany.
    And there is no way they wouldn’t kill the man who killed her.

    Look, I don’t have a problem with Jon killing Dany but it would’ve definitely been the ultimate sacrifice because there is no way Drogon, The Dothraki, and The Unsullied are going to let him live.
    No fuckin way.

    Jon living happily ever after is just a bunch of fan service.
    Matter of fact all 4 of the Starks going off to live happily ever after is just fan service.
    Well, I just hope everyone enjoyed their fairy tale/ Disney happy ending because it damn sure didn’t add up or was earned.

    By the way, who the fuck made Bron a lord?
    Prisoner Tyrion?
    Dead Jaime?
    Dead Cersei?
    Dead Dany?
    Most of the people sitting on that final counsel didn’t even know who Bron was.

    Plus, no one had the authority to give Bron a castle and the two guys that promised him a castle were dead and in prison with no authority.
    But hey, everyone wanted to see him get his “fokein” castle right?

    The entire finale was just a pile improbable, fan service bullshit and that’s NOT the show I grew to love.


    Sorry the ending was pathetic, I'm cool with john killing danny, I don't know why he did though, she only had good intentions for going forward to free all slaves, ok she flipped during the kings landing massacre, but jees, nothing worse than what cersi did and would do,
    But up till John killing Danny, he was the true heir to the throne, and everyone was standing with him, and wanted him to be king, he might not have wanted it, but he knew as soon as he killed Danny, he would be taking the steps to that role, maybe with a heavy heart,
    But then a jump in story, we find he's been imprisoned for ages, what? Seriously, everyone must have known what he did, so why did the North not rally behind him,? Why did sansa, tyrion, and all the others who wanted John to take the throne not stand by John? I would if expected a battle, but no nothing, he was instantly forgotten,
    Then we see tyrion go tell him he going to the wall again, and he can't have kids can't do this/that blar blar blar, wait !! Ain't John technically still leader of the black watch?, And besides what's the point of the black watch now, protecting what, the night kings gone, there's a huge hole in the flipping wall, the wildlings are friends now,
    When choosing a king, no one mentioned John being the true heir, not even John's best mate sam, nice one Sam that's mates for you, instead everyone's all bran, bran this, bran that, bran the broken, what a name, rub it in the boy can't walk, shouldn't he be huging a tree in the North North anyway,
    No wonder John buggered of up North with his only true mate, and the 7 kingdoms, oh sorry wait, 6, because big sis tells bran, you might be king but I'm older, and we won't now to another ruler again, but I'm going to be queen of the 1 kingdom, sort it out themselves,
    Honestly if have been more happy, if the old bill turned up and arrested everyone, for wasting all our time, Monty python esq

  10. Jeews Sam on

    Heres my take:
    Bran knew all along the sequence of events that was gonna happen including Night Kings death, Dannerys burning down the City, Cerseis death, Jon killing Dannerys, Jons exile. Bran knew all this but allowed all these people to die or allowed it to happen because he was like the chess grand master and was in this game for the long haul, he knew by process of elimination of all the key players by each other, he would be king!!… I think he did it to be king not because hes power hungry or to create dynasties like the other houses, but to keep peace for the mankind. Since he was the three eyed raven he will live thousands of years to come until another raven comes along, I think he decided to be the king for the betterment of the mankind for the future. Which really makes sense


    Contrary to popular reactions, i love the ending. Not what i expected nor was it what i wanted, but everything was BITTERSWEET. one question though, what happened to Nimeria, Arya's Dire Wolf?

  12. Sniggdha Jauhari on

    GoT replicates real life – unpredictable & with no guarantees.
    Like boltons, lanisters, freys, the whole of humanity is furiously engaged in changing the course of destiny while destiny has her own plans; She uproots everyone.

    GoT did one very important thing – Restored faith in Goodness.
    Starks were the noblest of the nobles. Their children surviving and taking over the regime / system reinforces the victory if Goodness – shaken but not beaten.
    May each life be like this !

  13. Kķn_D : on

    Now thinking of it..Dragon killing jon snow would've been satisfying too.. Ps. Like two lover sacrifice themselves for betterment of tomorrow… Also like last of targaryen…the end of targaryen ….But noooo.. The dragon had to go an somehow melt iron throne instead -_-
    Ps. X-men the last stand

  14. Mind Rules on

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  15. Tatyana Melnikoff on

    george r.r. martin is the real and true writer of game of thrones.
    george r.r. martin is the only reason the show had a huge audience.
    dumb and dumber can't buy talent. they can try to use others though.

  16. Cristian Micu on

    so…. she implores him to let her be queen at start of season 8, he calls her his queen to the end, so at the end to stab her for being the ''wrong'' queen

    bad ending to this mr writer. you're not even near great novelist, your just a little boy playing with his dick in the sand, i wont remember this shit for long, but i will remember dostoievski forever

  17. DragonNomak on

    this ending sucked i wish instead Jon doing what he did….. and Bran becoming king i wish The Night King killed them all and only Jon left to watch his friends die that would've been much better ending


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