Fixing a Broken Gaming Monitor for CHEAP – DIY


100 comments on “Fixing a Broken Gaming Monitor for CHEAP – DIY

  1. Roach DoggJR on

    I should do this and fix my broken LG 4k monitor. The panel is good but it either the PSU or the motherboard died because of surge current. A fuse probably burned, but I'm not an electrician so I have no idea how to test it or how to find it.

  2. Elvirth24 on

    It should be noted that there aren't a crap-ton of resources for doing this stuff, and it's probably more money than it's worth if you are thinking it's a good way to get an expensive monitor on the cheap. Still dope af tho

  3. Jux Zeil on

    That's the main way I fix and then sell laptops and powerbooks. The screen isn't always such an easy swap out when it comes to the newer Apple stuff mind….😣

  4. Matthew Sanchez on

    Linus and team please make side note about what parts you wouldn't want damaged. Like the boards in the back. Looking to upgrade my monitor and thought I could give this a shot to save some cash.

  5. Z3rostar on

    7:05 Note how Linus picks up the board pretty willy-nilly and then comments how those capacitors could literally kill him if he ate the discharge from them.

    Don't do this at home folks, and if you do, wear gloves.


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