Fifa 15 | Top 5 goals Of the Week #14


100 comments on “Fifa 15 | Top 5 goals Of the Week #14

  1. Lucia Qazaha on

    OMG!! I just scored an AMAZING goal in fifa 15! From kick- off and 90th minute! I really want KSI to see it and put it in next weeks video! Please check it out. My gamertag is DancingQueen140 on Xbox one. It's a game clip

  2. SkullHeadfifa on

    Could you guys come and have a look at my channel i am new to youtube if you guys check my channel and there si a squad builder please like and subscribe to me if you like it guys thank you

  3. Awad Ahmed on

    قناته ابو كلب لايكات ٥٧ الف بسس و ٨ مليون مدري على ايش مجرم قيمز ما شاء الله ٦٠٠ الف وصل ١٠٠ الف لايك


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