100 comments on “DON’T PRESS THIS BUTTON! (BTS)

  1. aziz1133_ d on

    Guys I haven't got any birthdays plz anyone can atleast reach me 200 subs plz my family doesn't care about me plz that's my wish for my birthday Ik I haven't got any birthdays but I want that is my wish too reach 200 subs plz guys 🙁

  2. Kinsey J. on

    Hey guys Brady Turpen is doing a i phone 6 and 6 cases on his channel. The only rule to enter is you must be subscribed. Search Brady Turpen and if he gets 150 subs and if I get 50 subs I will do a give away!

  3. Jayzplayz 1 on

    hi guys go click on the icon to seem my channel then spam me with lots of good and useful information on improvements or just random stuff and u might also get a shout out on the video 🙂


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