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  1. الايمان هو النجاة on

    Excuse me!!
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  2. ZeR0 ACE on

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  3. Dustin Gliko on

    So, a guy played by Will Smith in a movie discovers foul play with a "professional" who seems to exemlify the manipulation and corruption seemingly set up by design within/by those who deal with death the most.. Boy, the questions I have about death trends… #getwoker

  4. K B on

    Dear YouTube,

    I love JO, but no, I did not want to watch this one, but you kept shoving it in my face so I was finally like… Meh, can't be THAT bad, right? 😑

  5. Christopher Loy on

    19:40 and 19:46 ?
    For those of you in the comments section (and this goes for you too, Mr. Oliver), who are afraid of death and dare not think or talk about it, let me lead you to the channel Ask a Mortician, run by the mortician and advocate Caitlin Doughty.

    Her channel is absolutely amazing, with great content on death-positivity, accepting our eventual demise and being actively involved in planning for one's death. She presents things in a tactful, informative, funny, and calming manner that I guarantee will make you see death past the fear, darkness and pain.

    Go check it out, and have your life (and death) forever changed for the better. And at the same time, ensure you or your loved ones have a good death by advocating for reforms to death investigations.

  6. Paul Mentzer on

    The City of Pittsburgh is in Allegheny County Pennsylvania. From the 1960s onward, the residents of Allegheny County kept electing actual Pathologists to the Office of Coroner. Hunt, then Cyril Wrecht, then Wrenct's lieutenant when Wrecht was indicted (of this more below) then when that Lieutenant resigned to take a higher paying job in California, then Wrecht again, who became the First Allegheny County Medical Examiner.
    Wrecht was indicted for the "Crime" of doing autopsies for the surrounding counties on his own time but using Allegheny County equipment and then using the money earned to pay for equipment the Office of Coroner needed. Since these items were purchased by the Coroner's office from funds not turned over to the County Commissioners, Wrecht had technically "Stolen" that money from the County. The Jury refused to convict him for the Prosecution had to admit all of the funds collected had been spent on improvements in the office. In fact Wrecht had invested his own money into that fund for he was nationally known as one of the leading pathologists in the Nation and had done autopsies in other states not using Allegheny County Coroner equipment and well paid for it.
    Thus Wrecht's "Crime" was spending money to improve his office, money he earned by doing out of county autopsies, and had not turned over to the County Commissioners. Instead the law stated he had to turn the money over to the County Commissioners and then ask for the money back.
    The County Commissioners knew what Wrecht was doing and did nothing about it, the same with the Allegheny District Attorney. The criminal Charges were brought by the Republican Attorney General for the AG saw Wrecht as a potential canidate for Governor (at the time of the indictment Wrecht had been elected an Allegheny County Commissioner and looking at a run for Governor).
    20 years later when Wrecht was elected again as Coroner, the Federal Government under Bush brought Federal Criminal Charges against him. Allegheny County had voted to replaced the County Commissioners with an elected County Executive and County Council. Wrecht had won the Democratic nomination for that position. Thus the Federal Charges involving 20 year old charges of Fraud.
    Yes, these charges were not on anything Wrecht had done since he won his state case of Fraud, but on the same facts in that State case. Since these were Federal Charges not state charges double jeopardy did not come into play.
    Wrecht ended up losing the race for County Executive but retained the position of Coroner even as the charges were appealed. Finally he resigned when the case was set for trial (at which point, under the same law establishing the County Executive and County Council, the office of Coroner was abolished replaced by Medical Examiner office).
    Sorry about this rant, but Wrecht tried to come up with funds for the Office Coroner, but the laws made it a crime for any money earned by the Coroner had to be turned over to the County Commissioners, who could spend the money as they saw fit. Given the politics of the time period there was no way the County Commissioners would have given the office of Coriner any of that money back.

  7. Diptarka Das on

    All this problems, and republicans give trillions in tax breaks and billions in already over bloated military funding (read: funneling money to military industrial complex). For get $3.75/capita, tax the motherfucking rich people.

  8. zpardus on

    Need an easy way to convince med students to go this way?
    Explain to them how endlessly frustrating and demanding some people are.
    Anyone who's ever worked in any service industry knows what I mean.
    Dead bodies, however, can't be nit-picky, fake OCD, or try to lie/trick money out of you.

  9. amanda2010smile on

    Going through this right now. My father passed away April 22nd and the dr still hasn't signed the death certificate. So my mother is struggling with things financially. The system is beyond fucked up. You deal with the death then have to deal with not having money to pay Bill's or even buy food. Welcome to America where the medical field doesn't give a shit about the family dynamic but only a paycheck!!


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