DATING IN THE FUTURE (This Week in Smosh)


100 comments on “DATING IN THE FUTURE (This Week in Smosh)

  1. Puddrik on

    Smosh! If this comment gets pinned i'll drink 2 gallons of milk in 2 minutes, throw up all of it into a pot, make soup out of it, and proceed to drink it!

  2. _TIP_ on

    Ну че пидоры сосать и только сосать мудаки вам пендосам жить надоело.
    РОСИЯ вот что значит мощь!!!!!!!

  3. DuxMax on

    people please sub my channel!We need your support!We want people laugh.We come from a small country Serbia,but is very fun and beautiful country.Please sub 🙂


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