Can your Keyboard do THIS??


100 comments on “Can your Keyboard do THIS??

  1. papa franku on

    he always fake smile i know you got to look friendly but dont smile on the hole video like you saying something funny or something funny hapening you programing a keyboard unless something funny hapens behind the sceene

  2. paul rayner on

    i am a programmer, gamer & web designer.. and i still dont need more then 1 full-size keyboard..

    so i dont see the need for 3 keyboards. he isnt doing 188 tasks at the same time so i find it redundant to have so many macros & hotkeys

  3. Leet on

    Ahhh Taran and his macros. What a wonderful couple. (P.s. im coming to richmond/surrey to take that fockin unicorn nes cart pillow that things freakin neat)


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