100 comments on “…BONBON LOVES YOU…

  1. Mr. NoRide on

    Who would you rather be visited by? This BonBon who is a big, fat, demanding rat, or the annoying BonBon hand puppet that always likes to argue with Funtime Freddy. Take your pick, but me personally, I would much rather have BonBon from Fnaf.

  2. SleepiiFish on

    For those who don’t understand the game, it’s about a schizophrenic child. BonBon is one of their hallucinations, most likely the main one. The child goes through an episode throughout the game. The game was most likely made to give insight what an episode is like.

  3. hcllcvqtor uwu on

    100% just my theory, but maybe Bonbon is the childs pet. Kids are known to have a more imaginative mind, so maybe the pet is so large and scary due to the horrible nightmare the kid has been living. The kid is so scares due to his parents constant fighting that he's become scared of everything, including a harmless rat/mouse.


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