Blindfold Friend Yoga


100 comments on “Blindfold Friend Yoga

  1. Boogie Storm_4_Life on

    Tyler is a Markiplier wanna-be like seriously the signs are all there, even when they were playing Cards Against Humanist in a different video of there's… he just tries so hard and he is so boring…just go away I hate you. But I love Mark aannnddd Ethan…Ethan is so adorable I want him <3 and Mark just got them jokes and dat body…I'm gay for Ethan and Mark (BUT NOT SHIPPED!!! SEPTIPLIER IS THE ONLY SHIP WITH MARKIPLIER!!)

  2. Iced Dork on

    (In an Australian accent) As we can see the young men are screaming their mating calls and doing their beautiful mating dances for the young women in the background


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