Birds of Prey Teaser #1 (2020) | ‘See You Soon’ | Movieclips Trailers


100 comments on “Birds of Prey Teaser #1 (2020) | ‘See You Soon’ | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Syd on

    Looks like a music video- I feel like that was the problem with suicide squad – just a bit empty and shallow- hopefully they focus on characterisation a bit more (not just showing their backgrounds)- sad katana isn’t in this she felt quite wasted in Suicide Squad

  2. Dyan Dyan on

    Dc movies suck. Marvel has been doing an amazing job. That looks nothing like harley quinn. Harley is supposed to be dirty looking not glammed up. Suicide squad sucked big time. Only thing i like about that movie was enchantress. She should get her own movie.


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