Another Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances


100 comments on “Another Top 10 Troy Baker Video Game Performances

  1. Sarah F. on

    "As well as practically every other member of the bat family…" (He voices no other members of the Bat family in Arkham Knight.)

    "And when he switches over to Jason, the feels get turned up to 11…" (*shows Tim Drake voiced by Matthew Mercer*)

  2. Sean Sargeant on

    With all do respect Jake may have faced a giant like the Ustanak but Chris has faced Albert Wesker himself for the longest time and had got beaten down and keeps coming back for more also wesker was no small joke ether considering he has the speed and reflexes to dodge bullets left and right and has the strength to puncture a full grown mans chest with a single thrust like a knife stabbed into a cake Jake can do his Superman punch but Wesker in comparison I mean he’s no giant but he’s worse than a giant I love you guys at watch mojo but I’m calling you guys out on that one


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