Another Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters


100 comments on “Another Top 10 Surprisingly Overpowered Anime Characters

  1. Eric D. on

    I pray one day we will acknowledge that Re:Creators made a Broken Character who has Infinite Powers, including one that “Erases the Plot of a Character”. Altair can basically reset Goku to Kid Goku level with a snap of a finger.

  2. Bobbadelic on

    I really don't like the designs of the new saiyans, well their faces are okay I hate how scrawny they are. Then Kale's transformation launches her to the opposite end of the spectrum

  3. adam dubin on

    I realize he was number 1 of the original surprisingly overpowered characters; however Escanor, the manliest man in the history of all anime deserves to be number 1 yet again.


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