Another Top 10 Nolan North Video Game Performances


100 comments on “Another Top 10 Nolan North Video Game Performances

  1. Puddin on

    Mafia 3: Main playable character is also a murdering psychopath, but the white supremacists are the “real” bad guys.

    Ahh video games, I love your hypocrisy! 😂

  2. EB Gottaburnemall on

    Nolan north made the ghost in destiny sound like shit. That was one of the worst efforts for a character i have ever heard or seen. Go back and watch dinkleage vs north as ghost, especially at the part where he goes "we've woken the hive". North made it sound like he was happy it happened but he has a soft voice. Dinkleage made it seem like something bad happened, WHICH IT FUCKING DID, and actually gave it more character. #Dinklebot all the way.

  3. Couldnotic on

    Watchmojo should be a shame for not putting Richtofen in the First Nolan North performance video that they did. Maybe Watchmojo should redo the entire list and see where Richtofen stands on the list, he has to be in Top 5 maybe even Top 3 for Nolan Performances.

  4. John Donovan on

    Senator Blake: Remy Duvall was crucified and then burned alive… How do you justify that type of behavior?
    Me: Remy came from a long line of souther cocksuckers, was always quick to trol out all that "War Of Northern Aggression" and " The South Will Rise Again" bullshit. But here's the thing about Remy in 1965, he participated in the murders of four civil rights workers, one of whom they decapitated. They never found her head… So fuck him! He got what he deserved!

  5. Andy Larsen on

    Why in the hell wasnt uncharted on this list? Deadpool should have made an honorable mention too, come on watch mojo!
    Edit! Sorry i didnt know this was a part 2, glad too see Dr. Edward Richtoffen made an appearance. Sorry about the misunderstanding, just sticking up to nathan drake.


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