Another Top 10 Craziest Things To Happen At Walmart


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  1. djanes on

    A couple years ago a guy picked up a guy on the side of the road. The guy was tweaking. He killed the guy who picked him up. He sat on his body and drove to Walmart. He parked in front of the doors and ran inside screaming covered in blood. Happened in southeast Missouri.

  2. Zombie Orchid on

    Both of my parents worked at Walmart for a time. They overall enjoyed it but said they'd see all kinds of unusual people.

    Craziest thing to happen to me was when my aunt took us and she was planning on buying a new purse so she put the new purse in the basket. We turned our backs for a few minutes to look at something and when we turned back to our basket – it was gone. Someone thought the purse was full of stuff, so they just stole our whole basket. Which was stupid of them. We laughed and had to get a new basket and get all the stuff we had in it back. Kind of hoped they tried to leave with the purse and got caught u8

  3. JARedwolf100 on

    2005 Walmart, July 2, 2005. Lompoc California:

    My friend and I were looking around for a cheap DVD movie, junk food and other snacks when we ran into this bum wearing only a toga sheet and he had in his hands a bong and a bible.

    The guy preached about how lawyers work for Satan, that oral sex was holy and that weed cures all disease. He was even giving out free hits off his bong. My friend challenged the guy on his views to which the guy raised his bong and yelled, “I SEE YOU IN THERE DEVIL! COME OUT, COME OUT THIS INSTANT!” And chased my friend all through the store up until security intercepted the guy.

    My friend was screaming like a little bitch the whole time and I was dying LAUGHING about it the rest of the day. Ever since then he never went anywhere without his billy club and pocket mace! XD

  4. Adam Hovey on

    I'm honestly not surprised, that someone would actually say that about mixed-race children, in my own family, we have dark skin, light skin, frizzy hair, straight hair, my brother has curly hair, grey eyes, blue eyes, black hair, brown hair, blonde hair Etc. I'm honestly surprised that that has not happened to any of my family members yet, at least as far as I know.


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