Another Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns


100 comments on “Another Top 10 Celebrity Meltdowns

  1. FLUXX840 on

    honestly, if you close your eyes and forget you're listening to Kanye when he talks, you'd think this guy was a terrorist if not a dictator if he was given actual power 😂😂

  2. draconiclady0610 on

    2:14, I love Gary…I love when shit around him is completely insane and yet he looks calm as f#ck.
    Kanye…you are NOT Shakespeare, you are KANYE, while we still remember the great William Shakespeare, you're a dude we're going to forget about in 200 years,

  3. davescotts on

    Out of all the angry meltdowns, kayne seems not to melt down, but is genuinely out of his mind crazy. The supposed genius actually believes the crap he spews and worse still, he expects others to see his reasoning as sane.

  4. Captn Maico on

    I do not understand some entries, you basically put up celebs and not the meltdowns. For example Shia or RDJ, RDJ meltdowns very rarely public, we just saw the consequences in public, like his arest and photos and things like that, same for shia, but thosewere multiple events.
    Also Kanyes most famous meltdown is still his speech against Taylor Swift, but its not really a meltdown, he ist just batshit crazy and its his normal behaviour. The others, apart from Shia aren't crazy, they really had a public meltdown. You should have focussed on the meltdowns only, the list just misses its headline at the top 5 entries completly.

  5. Ryan Brooks on

    The RDJ interview was not an Meltdown, it was a glorious putdown by RDJ after a pompous interviewer was trying to ask personal questions during a fucking Movie Promotion… he just wanted to talk about the movie and the interviewer wanted a full psychological analysis like fucking 60 minutes or some bullshit….


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