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100 comments on “All New NCIX Tech Tips Studio Tour Linus Tech Tips

  1. youraveragegymrat on

    amazing these guys have to redo a whole room just to shoot a video… pathetic.

    All you need is a good quality camera, not some overpriced 10k bs, and a tripod.

    The 2 camera guys aren't even good at filming. I wonder how much these clowns get paid. Probably way too much for their crappy work.

    We already know Linus makes enough and gets enough from ncix. After watching the last livestream it's amazing how much he doesn't know without reading from a monitor.

  2. Dexter R on

    they didn't HAVE to re do the room, they wanted to, there's a difference. and as for the camera, yes it was bit pricey but all good studio cameras cost around that much. plus he wanted to future proof it for 4k video because by then people will bitch about 1080p being "crappy quality" thats how life is and that is what hapens when technology evolves.

  3. Linus Tech Tips on

    2 things:

    1. Studio had to be moved. No longer have access to the building the old studio was in.

    2. I don't recall reading anything off a monitor in the last live stream… I had an agenda for the things I wanted to talk about, but that's about it.

    As always, constructive criticism is appreciated though.

  4. TaterCookie on

    this guy must be the dumbest fuck on youtube.. 90% of what goes on that screen he has put there or gathered the information himself not to mention the man has more shit to do in a hour than you probably do in a week so yeah im guessing he has to write stuff down sometimes and for you to be here bitching about what he does i wonder how great your life must be… i think your just jealous because you didnt even buy the computer you used to type that dumbass statement and its like a 6 year old mac


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